How do I add author and co-author information to my submission?

  1. Submitting author entryWhen you start a submission, the system will by default create an entry with your account's primary email address and your name. Please note that the email address cannot be edited. If you wish to change it, you will need to change your account's primary address. Check that the name has the desired spelling and select the desired title (Dr, Prof, etc.) in the dropdown menu. 
  2. Enter your affiliation.
    1. The system will give you suggestions by matching what you typed with our database.
    2. If nothing matches, you can use 'Add New' at the bottom of the suggestion list to create a new entry.
    3. Bringing your mouse over the ... on the right of an affiliation entry will allow you to Delete the affiliation (trashcan icon), add a department (pencil icon) or change the affiliation order for the author (up and down arrow icons)
  1. Corresponding author status: the checkbox in the lower left will let you indicate if the author is a corresponding author. While you need at least one corresponding author, you can mark as many authors as desired as corresponding authors.
  2. Adding your co-authors:
    1. Click on 'Add another author' to open a new form.
    2. Enter the co-author's email address first. The system will check if the author is registered on Frontiers. If yes, it will fill in the name automatically.
    3. Add the name, select the desired title and add the affiliation(s) and corresponding author status (if any) as indicated in points 2 and 3.
    4. Repeat as often as needed.
  3. Author order: the author order is from top to bottom. You can change the author order by using the 'Move up' and 'Move down' buttons.


NB: Please ensure that the author order in the submission matches the author order in the manuscript.

Requests to modify the author list or order after submission will need an Authorship Change form.