How do I post a comment in the Proof Discussion?

To communicate any production changes or queries before or after submitting your proof, you can post comments in the Proof Discussion.

To do this, please enter the Production Forum ("How can I access the Production Forum?"), and on the left hand side of the page under the tab “Interactive Discussion”, hover over “Enter Discussion Forum” and click on “Proof Discussion”.



Adding a comment is a 2-step process. First, click on “Add Comment” and fill in the relevant information (adding a comment title and entering your comments). Once complete, click on “Save Comment”.



You will see a green confirmation message at the bottom of the page after saving your comment and you will also see the following message “This comment has not been notified yet.” as the comment has not yet been posted.



To complete the process, click on “Post Comments” and your comment will be submitted to the Proof Discussion.



To confirm if your comment has successfully been posted, you should see the date and time that the comment was posted, along with a confirmation message at the bottom.



Please do not contact us to ask for confirmation of receipt. If the comments have been posted, then we will have been notified.