How do I manage my Frontiers email subscriptions?

Where can I find the email subscriptions management page?

You can manage your email subscriptions for the Frontiers journals by using the link at the bottom of most of our emails.




If you are registered on Frontiers, you can alternatively go to your account's Email Preferences page.




What does the management page do?

The Email Preferences management page will allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe from a variety of emails related to the Frontiers journals. The main categories are our newsletters and the Editorial invitations (such as an invitation to review a manuscript). 



It also includes a Global Unsubscribe button on top. Toggling this option will unsubscribe you from all emails that can be unsubscribed from.




Will the Global unsubscribe block everything? No. Operational emails such as the ones related to an Editorial Role you accepted, an ongoing review assignment or an article you are authoring will continue to be sent. You will also still be able to receive emails such as password reset emails. 

If you are a Review Editor or Associate Editor and just want to indicate that you are not available at the moment, you may want to consider this page instead to use the Out of Office function related to your role.