How do I manage email subscriptions?

Email subscriptions can be managed in the Email Preferences of your account (settings page) or via the "unsubscribe" link displayed at the bottom of our emails.

Please find below additional information on how to manage the Personal notifications and the communications from the Open Access Publishers you joined.

Personal notifications

To control which emails you receive from Loop, login into your Loop account:

1.    Click on your Profile Picture.
2.    Click Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu.
3.    Click the Email Preferences button under the settings menu.
4.    Change the Milestones buttons as desired. 


Manage communications from Open Access Publishers

Under Email Preferences, click on the button mceclip1.png to access the email settings for the Open Access Publishers you joined (see below image).


What does the Email Preferences page do?

The Email Preferences page allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe from a variety of emails related to the Frontiers journals. The main sections of  our page are global unsubscribelatest news and research, and the editorial invitations

Toggling the Global Unsubscribe button will unsubscribe you from all non-operational emails.

Will the Global unsubscribe block everything? 

No. Operational emails such as the ones related to an Editorial Role you accepted, an ongoing review assignment or an article you are authoring will continue to be sent. You will continue to receive emails such as password reset or account activation. 


How can I indicate that I am currently not available as a review editor or associate editor?

If you are a Review Editor or an Associate Editor you should specify your limited availability in your account as explained in our documentation entitled How can I indicate that I am currently not available as a review editor or associate editor?.