How do I manage Reviewer Recommendations to the Editor?

When reviewers submit their independent review report, they will be required to provide a recommendation to the editor. These recommendations will help guide the editor in the next steps of the peer review process.


Recommendations to the Editor:

  • Manuscript can be accepted
  • Revision is required
  • Substantial revision is required
  • The manuscript should be rejected


Once the reviewer submits their recommendation they can endorse the manuscript in the Independent Stage of peer review.


What does an endorsement in the Independent Stage mean for the Editor?

  • As a handling editor you will be notified by email when the reviewer endorses the manuscript for publication. The reviewer’s review/tab will be finalized and the authors will not be able to directly respond to them. Recommendations provided by the reviewer will be displayed for you on the reviewer tab. 



  • If you would like the authors to respond directly to the reviewer, you can reactivate the reviewer’s tab once the manuscript enters the Interactive Review or Review Finalized stage. The reviewer will have to reconfirm their final decision on the manuscript. 

  • In the Independent Review stage, the button to activate interactive review will become available in the tools area, if at least one reviewer requested revisions when submitting the review report. 

  • If all active reviewers recommend acceptance and endorse the manuscript in the Independent Review stage, you will be notified and the manuscript will move to the Review Finalized stage. You can then:

    • Directly accept the manuscript
    • Request revisions via the editor’s tab
    • Reactivate the reviewer reports
    • Invite additional reviewers
    • Recommend rejection


Please note that reviewers are always able to recommend rejection of the manuscript at any stage of their review process, before or after they submit their independent review report. This will be communicated to the handling editor to guide their management of the peer review process.