Key terms

Author’s Proof – Once your manuscript has been typeset, it will be sent to you as an Author’s Proof for you to check. At this stage, your manuscript is now in the format of a Frontiers article.

Author’s Proof Corrections – The Author’s Proof with your additional corrections and comments, added using the commenting tools of your chosen PDF reader. Do not edit the PDF directly, as we cannot identify changes that you have made and this can lead to the introduction of errors.

Copyediting – The process of improving the grammar, spelling, and readability of your manuscript. You will be informed in the Author’s Proof if your article has been copyedited, and you will have the opportunity to review any edits made.

Loop profile - The public face of your Frontiers account, Loop profiles are a showcase of your publications, achievements, and impact. Make sure that you give us your Loop profile link in your Author’s Proof Corrections, so that readers of your article on our website can click to view your profile. If you are an editor or reviewer, please keep your Loop profile details up to date, to avoid incorrect information being published.

Manuscript – Your article in the format in which it was submitted, usually as a Word or LaTeX document.

Production Forum – Our online hub for all actions and information relating to the production of your article. Here, you can view your files, access your Author’s Proof, upload your Author’s Proof Corrections, and interact with the Production team in our interactive Proof Discussion.

Proof Discussion – Your direct line of communication with the Production team working on your article, who will contact you here for queries and clarifications if necessary. Please post any queries and comments here, instead of emailing us. Unless your article is delayed, avoid asking for confirmation of receipt or progress updates.

Supplementary Material – Any additional material that should be published along with your article. Supplementary Material is not typeset, so you should provide it in ready-to-publish condition (e.g. no line numbers, tracked changes, etc). You will be able to review your Supplementary Material online when you receive your Author’s Proof. If you wish to use custom filenames, please upload your supplementary files within a ‘Data Sheet’ zip file.

Typesetting – The process of converting your manuscript into the format of a Frontiers article.