Scope suitability

AIRA uses an algorithm to scan the manuscript title and body text to determine which Frontiers journal and section is best suited.  

If a manuscript has not been submitted to a journal, or section, that it is well suited for AIRA will recommend a transfer. The editorial office or handling editor can recommend a transfer to the authors via the review forum, using the dedicated button “Initiate Transfer”. Should the authors accept, the transfer will be completed automatically.  


How to assess if a manuscript is in scope

Assess the content of the manuscript and compare it against the scope description for the current section. You will find the scope description navigating to the Journal main page > tab: Sections > selecting the relevant section > about the section > Scope.


How to interact with the Scope suitability AIRA check 

  1. If you are satisfied that the manuscript is in scope of the section and of the journal, select the option This manuscript is in scope for the journal/section
  2. If you judge the manuscript to be out of scope please click on the button “Initiate Transfer” in the right hand side panel of the Review Forum, and select an alternative.
  3. If you are unsure of if the manuscript is in scope, or are unsure where to transfer it to, please select the option Unable to confirm, Frontiers Editorial Office to verify. The Frontiers Editorial Office will be notified that you require assistance