Creating and Validating your account

To create a Loop account:

1.    Click Register on the top right corner of the Loop homepage  
2.    Fill in your Personal information in the fields displayed (* mandatory)
3.    Click Continue to navigate to the next step 
4.    Type in your Professional Information and Expertise 
5.    Click Register to complete your registration



If you already have an account with any of our affiliated companies, you directly have access to the Loop platform and all services it offers.


Please look for the Loop logo  that will bring you to our website!



Our registration process is comprised of two parts:


1.    Enter your user information
2.    Validate and activate your account


Once you have completed your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the email you used for the registration.


To validate and activate your account:

1.    Login to your email account

2.    Search and open the confirmation email you have received from us

3.    Click the link provided in order to validate your registration

4.    Registration is then complete



Validation of the email used in our registration process is necessary in order for us to confirm that the holder of the email account used is the person who has requested the membership to our website.


This improves the accuracy of the accounts held in our system and reduces fraudulent account creation.


Should you receive a confirmation email, however, you have not registered yourself on our website, we would appreciate it if you would report this to our Helpdesk.