How do I add/edit my expertise?

To help showcase your achievements, Loop provides an option to add as much expertise as you want to your Loop profile.

To add your expertise, see below:

1) Click on your name next to your profile photo on Loop's homepage

2) Click on the "Bio" tab button on your profile window

3) On the right side of "Bio" section, click the pencil icon next to the section title "Expertise"

4) Type in your expertise in the "Type an expertise tag" field, press enter after each entry and click Save when finished to complete the update

Note: Your expertise cannot be empty. Please add at least one keyword.

To update your expertise:

1) Hover your mouse over your expertise and click on the delete icon next to your expertise.

2) Follow the steps above to add new expertise.

In addition to manually editing your expertise, Loop will suggest various areas based on your confirmed publications.

If areas of expertise appear in your profile that you feel are not relevant, you can remove individual bricks by clicking X in the top-right corner of the brick

Expertise bricks can also be removed all in one go, by first clicking the pencil icon, and then selecting 'Clear All Tags', as shown below