How do I add, edit or remove my Affiliation information?

The Affiliation Database allows you to quickly and easily update and enhance your profile with the correct Affiliation / Employer information.
To access your Frontiers profile, click on the icon next to your name in the top-right corner and select “Loop Profile”.

There are two main ways to update the affiliation in your profile:

  1. By clicking on the pencil icon beside your name as shown in below image.HowDoIAddEditRemoveMyAffiliationInformation_image_2.jpg
    Note that this method allows you only to add a new affiliation. To edit or remove an existing affiliation, please follow the second method.

  2. Click on the “Bio” tab of your profile as highlighted below.
    Under the “Affiliations” section you can add, edit or remove affiliations as per below explanations.


Adding an affiliation: click on “Add” and enter the affiliation details. In case the “Affiliation / Employer” is not part of the suggested organizations, you can create a new one as highlighted in below screenshot.


Edit an affiliation: Click on the pencil icon next to the affiliation to update the entry as per below examples.


Remove an affiliation: click on the cross next to the affiliation you want to remove as per below image.