How do I add/edit my Affiliation/Employer information?

The Loop Affiliation Database allows you to quickly and easily update and enhance your profile with the correct Affiliation / Employer information. The database currently contains more than 77.000 organizations,  and we continuously monitor and update the number of records.


To add/edit your Affiliation / Employer information using the database:


There are two main ways to update this information

By clicking the pencil icon beside your name on your Loop profile, (Note, to access your Loop Profile, click on the icon next to your name in the top-right corner and select Profile)



Clicking here will allow you you update your affiliation and educational details via the following dialogue box




Alternatively you can update this information via the Bio tab on your Loop profile


1. Click on your name on Loop's homepage
2. Select the 'Bio' tab
3. Select 'Add Affiliation'
4. Enter the Affiliation details and select 'Primary' if required

When saved you can also remove the old affiliation if necessary






Alternatively, you can add an affiliation by the following method

1. Click on your name on Loop's homepage
2. On your profile window, click the pencil icon next to affiliation to start editing
3. Type at least 3 characters to search in the database.
4. If you can't find your affiliation you can create a new one.
5. Fill out the "Add new Affiliation" form and click on the "Save" button


You can add additional affiliations by clicking 'Add' from the Bio tab of your Loop Profile


Following this, via the Edit Main Profile Info popup, you can set your Primary affiliation