Article URLs and File Formats

Frontiers Article URLs

All frontiers articles can be accessed by a URL that contains the DOI (see below for information).
The URL pattern is the following:<DOI>



What is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

All articles published by Frontiers are assigned Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) which are registered with the CrossRef system and provide a stable URL for reference.

This enables you to find the URL of every resource using the DOI by using this pattern:<DOI>

This URL will always redirect to the current article URLs.


Article Formats

Articles are available in the following formats:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • XML (NLM)
  • XML (JATS)
  • EPUB

To access a specific format of an article you can use the same pattern as above and append the format at the end or the URL using the following pattern:

  •<DOI>/xml (NLM format)


Article RSS

All new articles published by Frontiers are announced in one of the journal specific RSS feeds.

You can find a list of RSS feeds here


Article accessibility

For users wishing to access Frontiers articles, the information is freely searchable, and the articles are fully available for individual download on our public pages: 

For users wishing to access a large number of articles for data, text mining, or research purposes, Frontiers’ full article content from 2019 onwards is accessible in CORE, via their API for bulk download.

For older Frontiers articles, bulk downloads in XML NLM format (PDF file or full XML zip) is possible via FTP access. Should you wish to request such access for a bulk download of articles, please contact our team at with your request so that it can be reviewed. You will be requested to confirm that you intend to use the data for research purposes.

Downloaded articles should not be bulk deposited in a repository or a public database. Should you wish to recommend inclusion of Frontiers articles in a repository or database, please also contact with your recommendation.