How are reviewers selected at Frontiers?

Handling editors can select reviewers from our standing review editor boards (reviewers who have been appointed as go-to reviewers for certain specialties and journals). They can search for the most suitable people by name, affiliation, or using keywords based on the reviewers’ expertise.

Editors are also provided with a set of reviewer recommendations based on expertise matching on a worldwide publication database. These recommendations can also be further refined through filters on name, affiliation, country, h-index.

Finally, editors are also welcome to invite any external reviewers of relevant expertise whom can be invited manually with their name, affiliation and email address.


Inviting reviewers in the interactive review forum

Invitations can also be issued by the review system to our review editor board members, in case of delays and after informing the handling editor of a manuscript. These invitations are based on a semantic algorithm which determines the most suitable reviewers based on those people’s chosen keywords or past publications. The handling editor can always revoke any invitations that they deem inappropriate.