Where can I find the "Supplementary Material" (if any) for a published article?

Frontiers journals do not support pushing important results and information into supplementary sections. However, data that are not of primary importance to the text, or which cannot be included in the article because it is too large or the current format does not permit it (such as movies, raw data traces, power point presentations, etc.) can be uploaded during the submission procedure and will be displayed along with the published article.

If a published article has Supplementary Material, where can you find it?

Here are the steps to perform:

  • Search for the published article page. On the article page (abstract or full text), look at the right hand side of the screen, where a dedicated section called "Supplemental Data" will list the different files:



  • It is also possible to Download the Supplementary Material by clicking on the relevant option in the 'Download Article' menu in the upper right of the page.
  • Additionally, in the "TABLE OF CONTENTS" on the left- side column, if you click on "Supplementary Material" you will be redirected to the respective section:



  • This is what the "Supplementary Material" section looks like:



 Why does clicking on the link bring you to the top of the page?


  • The link to the supplementary material brings you to the top of the article page so that you can easily find the files in the top right-hand side menu.