How to "Unfollow" a Journal/Section?

How can you modify Journals/Sections you are following from your Profile?  Login is required to perform this action. See here on how to Register or Login.

Here are the steps to accomplish this:






  • At the top part of the page click on the Journal activity tab:    JournalActivityTab 


Journal_Activity Full Page


  •  By clicking on the Journal Activity tab, a drop-down list of all the Journals/Sections you are following will appear. Here is what you should see:




  • In this tab click on Edit Journals button. A new window then will pop-up:




  • Scroll down the list to choose which Journal/Section you would like to modify.   Place your mouse pointer over the  button and this will change to the red unfollow button: Unfollow_Button


Edit_Journals unfollow example


  • Click on the button and the desired Journal/Section will be removed from the Journals currently in your feed.

Alternatively, you can also unfollow a journal by clicking on the 'Following' button on the journal homepage.   See example below:


Frontiers in Neuroscience homepage