Reviewer: How can I endorse the publication of the manuscript I am reviewing?

To endorse a manuscript for publication:

a) Click on 'Endorse publication' in actions on the upper right of the forum



b) Fill in the endorsement form



This form may include more questions for some article types than the ones shown in the example above. Each question will indicate if it is optional or not. When you have filled in all the mandatory questions, click on 'Endorse Publication' at the end of the form.

c) Use the confirmation pop-up that opens to finalize the procedure (or reject it if you realize you made a mistake)

Once the procedure is concluded, your action will be reflected in: 

  • the status box
  • your status in the 'Me' tab will now be 'Endorsed' and the tab will freeze, i.e. you will no longer be able to post further comments 
  • the history tab

and an email will be sent to the handling Editor of the manuscript.