How can I endorse the publication of the manuscript I am reviewing?

Endorsing the publication of a manuscript you are reviewing is something that can be done from the review forum, provided that the manuscript is in Interactive Review Stage.

Please note that if you endorse the publication of the manuscript, you also agree to be listed as a reviewer, with your name and affiliation, on the published article.

In the Review forum, you will find two buttons to start that process. You can find one of them with the various action buttons in the upper right part of the forum. The other one is situated on top of your ‘Me’ tab.


Once you have clicked on that button, a form will open. You will be able to write in any final comments you may have for the authors (1) and a checkbox asking you to confirm if you endorse the publication of the manuscript in its current form (2).

Once you have checked the box, click on the blue ‘Endorse Publication’ button and then click on the confirmation pop-up that will open.


Once the process is concluded, you will see the following changes in the forum

  • Your ‘Me’ tab will be frozen and neither you or the author will be able to post comments in it.
  • The top of the ‘Me’ tab will have your status moving from ‘Active’ to ‘Endorsed’
  • The status box on top of the forum will indicate that no further action is required
  • The history tab will indicate that you endorsed the publication of the manuscript

The system will also automatically notify the editor about your endorsement