Reviewer: Overview of the review process. What should I do at this point?

General articles that may help you


- Am I using a browser compatible with the review forum?

- I don't know what's the article's stage is. How can I find information about what I should do inside the review forum?

- Where can I find the Review Guidelines?


I have been invited to review a manuscript but did not yet access the review forum


- I am trying to accept the invitation but I end up on a login screen. What can I do?


Article Stage: Independent Review


- I need to download the manuscript I have accepted to review. 

- I have reviewed the manuscript and I want to submit my report about it.

- I submitted my report but realized I made mistake and want to edit it.

- I have annotated the manuscript file, what can I do with it


Article Stage: Interactive Review


- The authors uploaded a revised version and I want to post my comments about it

- I am satisfied with the manuscript as it is and I want to endorse its publication, concluding my review.

- I would like to withdraw from the review process or recommend the manuscript for rejection