Reviewer: How can I see and reply to the author's comments on the review forum?

When the interactive review forum is activated, the authors can view your comments and are asked to address them in the forum.


See author's replies

Your report and the author's replies appear in the 'Me' tab of the review forum (the same place where you submitted your initial report). If the report fails to display, please check that you are using a compatible browser


Once in the 'Me' Tab, scroll down to see the replies. Each will be indicated by poster and time stamp. The most recent ones will appear in a color box.



Create new comment

Directly under the respective reply, you can click on 'Add Comment'. Note that you cannot add comments to the questions where the author did not reply. 


This will open a field where you can either type or paste your reply. In the latter case, please note that only plain text can be pasted. The field has a series of formatting tools that you can use on your reply.


Once you have finished typing your reply, the 'Save' button below the field will allow you to see how the reply will look once posted in the forum. The mention 'Draft' will appear instead of the time stamp for the comment and it will have an edit button in case you want to make changes


You can repeat the above process as often as desired, preparing as many comments as desired. At this point, only you can see the comments.


Although there is the option of saving and resuming your report later, it is advised to work on your comments first offline.


Post comments online

Once you have created and formatted all the desired comments, click ‘Submit all Comments’. This will make your comments visible to the authors and will send them a notification email.


Please note that once you do this, your comments cannot be edited anymore.