I'm in the review forum, how can I download the manuscript?


The various buttons related to files are situated in the upper right of the review forum:

  • Download latest manuscript : this button will download the latest version of the pdf manuscript file
  • Supplementary material : this button will download a zip archive containing the latest version of the supplementary files. If the article has no supplementary files, it will not be displayed.
  • View submitted files history : This will open a field where various versions of the manuscript and supplementary files will be displayed. Depending if you are an editor, reviewer or author, what is actually displayed will vary. For example, authors will see some source files that will be hidden to the reviewers. Please consider the following
    1. The Manuscript submission and Supplementary Material on the left allow to display each file category
    2. Each version will be arranged with the newest one on top. Each version will indicate which author uploaded it, its title (which allows to check for title changes during review) and the related files and text entry (for things like the abstract, COI statement, etc.). Clicking on a file will download it.