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Registering also allows you to submit manuscripts easily to Frontiers journals. Instead of contacting the editors of your journal of interest and waiting months for a decision / waiting months to hear whether it was suitable for consideration, you can simply register with Frontiers and click "Frontiers" > "Submit Manuscript" from within your profile.



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Our innovative, interactive review forum, allows for direct communication between reviewers and authors, with no need for cumbersome exchanges of files or long email threads. All necessary information about a manuscript is found on a single webpage within the review forum.

However, in order to respect the privacy of both the authors and the reviewers during the review process, the review forum has restricted access rights, and it is necessary for all participants in the forum to have previously registered with Frontiers.   In particular, only registered users who have accepted an invitation to a review can access and comment on a manuscript within the forum.

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