I cannot find the Manuscript in my account, what can I do?

Are you one of the manuscript’s authors?

The manuscript should then appear in your my Frontiers > My Submissions ( ).

If it doesn’t, please check the email address used to contact you about the manuscript, then go to your email settings page ( ) and try to add the address as a validated secondary email.

  • If you can validate the address, the access links in the notification email you received will allow you to access the forum (the My Frontiers page may need some time to update).
  • If you get a message about the address being already linked to another account, please contact the Support, indicating your preferred email address, as you likely have a duplicate account. The Support will be able to merge them.


Are you one of the manuscript’s reviewers or its editor?

The manuscript should then normally appear in your My Frontiers > My Review Assignments (reviewers) or My Editing Assignments (editor).

If you don’t see the manuscript in your account, there are a few things you can check to understand where the problem is.

I received an email titled ‘Your New Review Assignment” (reviewer) or “Your New Editing Assignment” (editor).

You likely have duplicate accounts and are logged in the wrong one. Go to your account’s Email Settings page and check if the address used to contact you in the ‘Your New Assignment email is there’. Logging out and logging in again with this address may allow you to access the forum. Please also contact the Support, indicating your preferred email address and they will be able to check the situation and merge your accounts if needed.

I didn’t receive a ‘new assignment’ email.

Your acceptance of the invitation was then likely not fully processed.

First log in your account if you didn’t already do so and try to use the accept link in the invitation again. Fill in the Conflict of Interest questionnaire and click on the final Accept button*. If everything works correctly, you will receive the ‘new assignment’ email.

If trying to accept the invitation again gets you an error message, please contact the Support, indicating the title or ID number of the article you are involved with. They will check the situation further. 

* Please note that this button will only unlock if you declare that there is no conflict of interest and that the work falls within your area of expertise. The Conflict of Interest questionnaire will indicate what you should do if there is a COI.