How long does the review process take?

The review process currently averages at 77 days from submission to acceptance across our 50+ journals. It varies across journals for a number of reasons (e.g. some fields have reviewers who are on field work and out of contact for a time, and some fields do more iterations in the discussion forum). The time period also depends on the article type selected from the broad range Frontiers offers its authors.


Based on the surveys conducted with authors, reviewers and editors regarding the review process,  73-76% of respondents “Strongly agreed” or “Agreed” that Frontiers’ peer-review process is a significant improvement on traditional peer review, and 86-91% of respondents rated the peer-review process as “Excellent” or “Good” (view more details of the survey here).  But even with these exceptional survey results, we believe we can always improve.


Based on feedback we get from the authors, reviewers and editors who use our Collaborative Peer Review platform, we are continuously releasing new features to make the process even more effective and engaging for all involved.