How do I fix errors in my published article?

If you need to communicate important, scientifically relevant errors or missing information, please submit a Correction. The kinds of errors that can be corrected can be found here. and can be made to the following sections:


Affiliations, author list, article title, Data Availability Statement, Funding, Ethics Statement, copyright statement, figures or tables, citations and reference list, Supplementary Material, and other corrections made to the text of the article.


Please note – we do not accept corrections for small typographical or formatting errors in the article, figures and Supplementary Material, or to add new data; for that please submit an Addendum.


For author affiliations, we only accept corrections for major issues, such as if the affiliation is completely missing but not if it is misspelt. If an author changes affiliation and the old institution where the work was done is listed correctly, the new affiliation will NOT be added in the form of a correction as this is against our guidelines.


If you do not see the reason for the correction listed above, please get in touch with the Editorial Office.


Please note that Correction articles must be titled "Corrigendum: <<insert original article title>>", and follow a set template. Comprehensive instructions can be found in the template. You can download the templates for Word and LaTeX here.


For instructions on how to submit your Correction, please refer to How can I add/submit a Corrigendum?