What are the article publishing fees for?

Frontiers, as a Gold open-access publisher, requires the payment of an article processing charge (APC) for most accepted articles. In return, our publishing service benefits authors in the following ways:

Basic open-access services provided by most OA publishers listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ):

  1. Submit-review-reject/accept: Submission and peer-review
  2. Author retention of copyright: The CC-BY license to respect author rights
  3. On-line display: Free to read and download
  4. Permanent storage: Redundancy systems for robustness
  5. Archiving: Independent storage, additional storage guarantee, distributed reader access

Advanced open-access services provided by Frontiers:

  1. Digital editorial offices: editorial independence, efficiency
  2. Collaborative Review: fair, constructive, interactive, efficient, custom-made online IT platform
  3. Author & editor profiles: transparency, visibility, dissemination, impact
  4. Editor names published: acknowledgement, accountability, transparency
  5. Comments/blogs: post-publication discussion
  6. Article impact metrics: for real-time article impact assessment
  7. Author impact metrics: for real-time aggregated impact assessment
  8. Journal impact metrics: for transparent value of services provided
  9. Press releases and social media exposure: public visibility
  10. Media impact metrics: for monitoring public visibility
  11. Loop network: dissemination and finding of articles
  12. Discovery: personalized dynamically computed reading lists
  13. Tiering: spotlighting the best articles judged democratically
  14. eBooks: convenient packaging and dissemination of Research Topics
  15. Honoraria: acknowledging the work of editors without introducing conflicts-of-interest
  16. Awards: acknowledging participation and outstanding performance
  17. Waivers: remove blocks to Open Access publishing
  18. Subsidies: support for new fields and fields that do not have the budgets for APCs

Frontiers’ APCs depend on the specific journal and the type of article to be published. Certain discounts are provided to the basic charge, such as for Research Topic participation or for editorial activity. The full range of discounts and waivers is described above.

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If you would like to learn more about Open Access publishing, we encourage you to also watch the video below, or read some of the great resources provided by Peter Suber or the Budapest Open Access Initiative in 2002.


You can find more information regarding our fees on this page