Reviewer: I have submitted my report, why do I get reminders?

The Frontiers peer-review takes place in two stages: Independent and Interactive Review Process.


During the Independent Review Stage, the reviewers assess the manuscript independently and submit their comments in the online questionnaire. Once all reports are submitted, the authors are given access to them and are given a deadline by which they should address all comments. At this point the Interactive Review starts. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the answers of the authors and are encouraged to continue commenting until they are satisfied by the authors' replies.


Although a Frontiers review requires more involvement from a reviewer than most review processes, it does not demand additional time. Each time an action is need from you, we send you email notifications with exact instructions and direct links to the review forum. Hence, reviewing becomes more productive and efficient.



In case, you have already taken action in the review forum, but you still receive reminders, contact us.