I need the invoice to be addressed to someone else. How can I do this?

Until a payment is completed, you have the possibility of updating the payer information directly from the website. This can be done by accessing the invoice in the article Review Forum and clicking "Modify billing address". If a payment has already been verified by the accounting office, it is necessary to send an email to with your request.


You will have the following options to update the billing address


  • The Choose Payer dropdown will allow you to pre-fill the form with the details of one of the authors, a freeform entry (choose ‘Other’) or the details of an institution we have an institutional agreement with.
  • Once you have chosen the payer you can (if you chose an author or ‘Other’), complete the details of the payer (the entries marked with an * are mandatory)
  • At the bottom, you will find the fields to indicate who to Email this invoice to: you can either check the ‘same as above’ box or indicate another person the invoice should be sent to
  • Once you have finished your edits the Update button will update the invoice, including the pdf version that can be downloaded from the forum.