How can I access the Production Forum?

To access the production forum, please note that you must register with Frontiers. Creating an account on Frontiers is necessary to ensure that only people involved in the review process have access to the review forum.

Login into your Frontiers account and click on "My Frontiers" on the top-right corner next to your Profile pic. This is the starting page where you can find your Submissions, Reviews and Editing tasks.


Click on the "My Submissions" tab

Here you can see all submissions and their current status'

Simply select the accepted tab you wish to view and click "Enter production Forum"


If the manuscript is not accessible from your account or you are unable access the production forum, please be sure that you submitted the manuscript with the same email address you registered with.


If you had submitted with a different email address, please add the submission email as a secondary email to your account, linking the manuscript to your profile.