How do I edit my submission?

My Manuscript is not yet submitted

In that case, you can find your draft submissions in your My Frontiers > My Submissions page. Clicking on ‘Continue Submission’ on the draft entry will allow you to access it. Please see this page for more information on the submission form.

My Manuscript is already submitted

If your manuscript has already been submitted, you have to consider the current review stage (as can be seen in the progress bar on top of the forum).

  • If the manuscript stage is Initial Validation, Editorial Assignment, Independent Review or Final Validation: please contact the Editorial Office from the review forum as per below image.

    Regarding the review process duration, please see this page.

  • If the manuscript stage is Interactive Review or Review Finalized, you can change most of the submission information by resubmitting. For changes to the author list or author contribution statement, please contact the Editorial Office as shown above.

  • If the manuscript stage is Final Decision, meaning that your manuscript has been accepted for publication and is undergoing typesetting, contact the Production Office at, indicating your manuscript’s DOI (it can be found on the article’s public page that’s created when the manuscript is accepted or wait for the Author Proof to be available and indicate any change as part of the Proof’s corrections.