I have submitted an article already to the Research Topic, why am I still getting reminders?

If you have agreed to participate to a Research Topic and have already submitted your manuscript, but are still getting reminders, you could be facing one of the following issues:

  • The manuscript was not linked correctly to the Research Topic. In this case, please contact the Editorial Office from the forum as per below image.
    You can check if this is the case in the following ways:
    1. Open the “Your manuscript Submission” email and look near the bottom. The Research Topic Will be indicated just above the “Additional Information” line.
    2. Open the Review Forum and check the Information block on top of the forum. The Research Topic will be indicated between the Keywords and the Manuscript ID.

  • There is an email mismatch somewhere. For example, you may have registered with a different email address than the one used in the Call for Participation or, if a co-author submitted the manuscript, they may have used a different address than the one in our contributor list.
    Reply to the reminder you received to contact the Editorial Office. They will check the research topic’s data and make any necessary update.