How do I submit a manuscript?

Submission steps may vary depending on the article type selected.
To submit a manuscript for review, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Login to our website at with your account
  2. Once logged in, click on Submit at the (top of the page)

  3. Select “Submit a manuscript to a Frontiers Journal”
  4. Click “Next”
  5. Select the Domain
  6. Select the Field (This determines the DOI, citation and indexation of your article)
  7. Select the Section (This determines the editorial board that will review your manuscript)
  8. Select the Article Type  (Selecting an article type it gives you a brief description of its definition. Make sure that your manuscript follows the requirements of the selected article type. Choosing an inappropriate article type may result in the rejection of your article by the reviewers, or serious delays in the review process)
  9. If your manuscript is part of a Research Topic, please click “This article is part of a Research Topic”
  10. Click “Next”
  11. Enter author and co-author information, be careful to click on "Add this Author" for your own entry (click here for more details). At this step you should also enter the "Author Contribution Statement".
  12. Click “Next”
  13. Enter the text for the "Article Title"
  14. Enter the text for the "Running Title" (if different from the official title)
  15. Enter the text for the "Abstract"
  16. In the keywords section, enter meaningful keywords for your manuscript
  17. Please read and select the appropriate response for the Frontiers Conflict of Interest question
  18. Click “Next”
  19. Select your preferred Associate Editor from the list provided
  20. Enter your Cover Letter text to the Editor
  21. Suggest/exclude Reviewers by filling in the appropriate information
  22. Click "Next"
  23. Upload your files:  Manuscript, Figures and Supplementary Material (click here for more details)
  24. Proceed to the next page to define Product Info, if any
  25. The invoicing information page will show you fees calculation (fees are provisional pending the acceptance of your manuscript for publication)
  26. Check the box if you agree to the article processing fees
  27. Click "Next"
  28. Please review the information on this page to verify that it is correct
  29. You must agree to the Terms & Conditions to continue, check the box if you agree
  30. Click on "Submit" to finalize the process
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