How do I submit a manuscript?

To submit a manuscript for review, please follow the instructions below:


  1. Login to our website at with your account
  2. Once logged in, click on Submit your research at the (top of the page)

  3. Select either 'Start New' (to start a brand new submission) or 'Continue' to continue the submission of a saved draft. This will get you in a form separated in several sections which will be detailed in the points below. Apart from the first one (My Submission Details), which will influence the rest of the form, it is not necessary to fill the form in order.

    Once you click on on a Save button, your draft will be saved in your account. If you change of section inside the form, it will be saved as well. The green progress bar at the bottom will indicate how complete your submission is and red error messages will tell you where the problems are.

    All fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the submission form are mandatory.


  1. My Submission details
    1. Select the journal: either browse through the list or start typing the journal's name in the search field. Once the journal is selected (This determines the DOI, citation and indexation of your article), select the specialty section inside the journal (This determines the editorial board that will review your manuscript).
    2. Select the article type: Selecting an article type it gives you a brief description of its definition. Make sure that your manuscript follows the requirements of the selected article type. Choosing an inappropriate article type may result in the rejection of your article by the reviewers, or serious delays in the review process
    3. Is your article part of a Research Topic: select if relevant.
    4. Upload your files: Manuscript, Figures and Supplementary Material (click here for more details)
    5. Indicate the number of tables in your manuscript
  2. Manuscript Information
    1. Enter the article Title, running title, Abstract and Body Text (those fields may vary depending on the article type)
    2. Enter the Keywords :at least 5 keywords are needed. Please note that due to a limitation of the interface, they need to be entered “one at a time”. Enter the first keyword, click on the Add icon on the right side of the tab to finalize. Repeat this action to add each keyword. 
  3. Authors:
    1. Enter author and co-author(s) information (click here for more details).
    2. Enter the author contribution statement
  4. Editorial Information
    1. Select the Preferred Associate Editor(s): by default, the system will suggest one or more handling editors for your manuscript. You will have the option to modify that selection if desired. 
    2. Enter the contribution to the field statement (plain text only)
    3. Enter Recommended and Excluded Reviewers (optional)
  5. Payment and Funding Information
    1. Add any relevant funding information (funder(s) and/or funding statement, if any)
    2. Choose the Payer: either use the individual payer form or the Frontiers Institutional Members
    3. Complete the 'Email this invoice to and 'Your Reference' fields as needed
  6. Statements:
    1. Conflict of interest
    2. Ethics statements (regarding human or animal subjects, will not appear in all article types)
    3. Data Availability Statement (does your manuscript contain unpublished data? were all datasets (if any) provided? etc. The exact question in that statement will vary)
    4. Resubmission statement (has the manuscript previously been considered in a Frontiers journal? If so, what changes have been implemented in this resubmission?)
    5. General statement (author being authorized to submit the article, the manuscript follows Frontiers terms and conditions, etc.)

Once the form is complete, the Submit button in the lower right part of the form will become active. After one last confirmation pop-up, a screen will indicate that your submission is complete (it may take a few minutes to be fully processed and appear in your account's 'My Frontiers' page)