Reviewer: I am invited to review an article, how can I find the manuscript and submit my report?

The review process in Frontiers takes place on a dedicated review forum. To access it, you first need to accept the invitation:


1. If you don't have a Frontiers account: How to register


2. If you have an account: login to your account and accept the review invitation.


I'm now in the review forum, how can I download the manuscript?

  • The button 'Download Latest PDF' on the upper right of the review forum will allow you to download the manuscript itself. It will also include the figures (if any)
  • Below 'Download Latest PDF', the button 'View all files' will allow you to see if the authors also uploaded supplementary files and download them.


I have reviewed the manuscript and must now submit my report. How can I do this

  • Go to the 'Me' Tab in the review forum and fill in the questionnaire.
  • When you have completed your report, click 'Submit my report'.


NB: It is recommended to save first a local version of your review report to avoid losing any information, in case of bad internet connection.


Something is not working, what can I do?

Please first check that you are using a compatible browser.

The other articles in the Manuscript Review category of the Help Center may also help you.

You can also Submit a request to the support if you cannot find a solution