How can I invite Reviewers ?

Click on the "Manage Reviewers" tab of the Review Forum. This contains :

1) The Summary sub-tab will list all invitations already sent and their status as well as the already assigned reviewers and their current status.

2) The Editorial Board sub-tab will allow you to search through the reviewers hand-picked by the Associate Editors of the manuscript's Journal/Section.


3) The Advanced Search sub-tab will allow you to search through our whole database of reviewers, either using a name or by entering keywords


Reviewer Cards

In both cases, our system will return the results in the form of 'cards' where the reviewer's details are displayed.


These cards will have the following zones and options

1) General information block: Name, affiliation and picture of the reviewer. Clicking on the name will allow you to go to the reviewer's profile page.

2) Status and secondary information block: this zone will indicate the status of the reviewer regarding the manuscript you are editing, if he has a role on the board, if he is already handling other manuscripts and his keywords.

3) Multiple selection checkbox: if you want to invite several reviewers, you can check this box (a general 'Invite' button will then appear below the search results list)

4) Single Invite button: this button will allow you to invite a single reviewer (please be aware that this will reset the search, so you may want to prefer a multiple selection invite)

Selecting a reviewers box will reveal more detail including the action buttons "Invite", "Assign", and "Remind". 

Keyterms are highlighted on Title in the details panel. 


How do I invite external reviewers ?

If you do not find a suitable reviewer in our database, it is of course possible to invite external reviewer. the option will appear automatically if an advanced search does not return a result. You can also always access it from the information pop-up in the Editorial Board sub-tab


When inviting an external reviewer, please make sure to first enter the email of the person you invite. Our system will check if that person is registered (and if yes, it will pre-fill the requested fields). If not, proceed to fill in the fields and click Invite.