How can I invite Reviewers ?

Inviting Reviewers: 

When you navigate to the Manage Reviewers tab, you will see several sub-tabs: 


Suggested Reviewers - filtering the results:

The Suggested Reviewers tab runs off of our global aggregated reviewer database. The order in which these suggested reviewers are displayed is according to an algorithm that matches the current paper with these reviewers' past publications. This is done by the system identifying key terms in the current manuscript’s text, with the text in reviewers’ past publications.

If you click on the Details button (at the bottom right of each reviewer's card), this will show you the publications that were flagged as a relevant match with the current paper: 





You can also filter the results according to variables such as H-index or Affiliation. You will need to click Apply Now to update the Suggested Reviewers results.



You can also modify the key terms selected for the algorithm search. When modifying the key terms, you can change the weighted importance given to the pre-identified terms (do this by sliding the circle up or down the track for each term), or choose new terms all together: 


Invite Reviewer via email address:

Alternatively, if you have the email address for a potential reviewer, you can also invite them directly via the following card: 

It is normally visible in place of the 6th Reviewer in the Suggested Reviewers and Editorial Board tab. Click on the link to “invite an external reviewer” and you will see a pop-up window appear, where you will be prompted to fill in their details.

Editorial Board sub-tab: 

The Editorial Board sub-tab works the same way that the Suggested Reviewers tab, but these results are specific to those individuals already on our editorial board.