Handling Editor: How can I invite Reviewers?

As the handling editor for a manuscript, you should invite reviewers. To facilitate this process: 

We provide you with the list of all Review Editors in your field already signed up with Frontiers. These are highly qualified reviewers hand picked by our Associate Editors. You can find the list of review editors by clicking on the tab "Manage Reviewers" and then "Search for Reviewers in Frontiers" (see image below).

Under the "Search for Reviewers on Frontiers" tab you can search in the Frontiers Reviewer database by name or by keyword 

If you want to invite a reviewer who is not on a Frontiers editorial board:  

a. Click on the "Invite an external Reviewer" tab (see image below)

b. Enter the email of the person you want to invite, then hit the tab key. The system will check if that person is registered (and if yes, it will pre-fill the requested fields). If not, proceed to fill in the fields and click Invite.


You can also select multiple reviewers by clicking each check-box and selecting Invite.