How can I submit my revised manuscript ?

Frontiers review is a collaborative process, where authors and reviewers work together to improve the manuscript. Each reviewer might have comments that give a different insight to the work, hence it is important that all reviewers' comments are addressed before submitting any revisions (How can I post a reply in the Review Forum?). 

After you have replied to at least one comment from each 'active' reviewer:

Warning: once you start with the process below, all the comments in draft will be posted and  become non-editable

  • Click Resubmit Manuscript
  • After a confirmation pop-up, you will arrive on the submission form. Modify any desired data clicking on Save when you are done with that part of the form. In particular:
    • Changes to the author list: for reasons related possible Conflicts of Interest, it is not possible to modify directly the author list when resubmitting. If you need to modify it, please contact the Editorial Office through the "Need Help?" menu in the forum.
    • Manuscript files: you will need to replace both the Word MS (or LaTeX) version and the pdf version


To conclude the resubmission: Once you have uploaded your files and made all the desired changes in the submission form, go to the statements tab and check the box next to 'I warrant...'. Click on Submit to conclude the resubmission.

The review forum may need a moment to update after this. If the process is a success, the forum will display your new version in the submitted files history.