My image or my video file is more than 30 MB, how can I submit it?

In Frontiers, we encourage the submission of images, figures, video or sound files to be submitted for consideration with your manuscript. These additional files can be uploaded as Supplementary Material and they will be posted both on the Review Forum and the final accepted article's webpage.

  • Each submitted file cannot be larger than 30 MB. For more information on the allowed file size, see Author Guidelines.
  • If your files are bigger than the permitted file size, you can decrease the media size by converting them to a compressed format (like WMV, MP4, or DivX for videos).
  • If the files are still too large or you have more than the permitted number of supplementary files, we recommend that you upload and share them using Figshare (service provided specially for scientific file sharing) or YouTube and include the links in the manuscript.