How can I add/submit a Corrigendum?


  1. Login to our website at with your account.
  2. Once logged in, click on Submit (at the top of the page)

  3. Select “Submit a manuscript to a Frontiers Journal”.
  4. Click “Start Submission”.

  5. Select the Domain.
  6. Select the Field. (Please choose the same Field as for the original article, e.g. Plant Science)
  7. Select the Journal/Section. (Please choose the same Journal/Section as for the original article; do not select the Field name, e.g. Plant Science)
  8. Select the Article Type: Correction. (Selecting an article type gives you a brief description of its definition. Make sure that your Correction follows the requirements of this article type.)
  9. Do not check the box next to “This article is part of a Research Topic”.
  10. Click “Next”.

  11. Enter author and co-author information, be careful to click on "Add this Author" for your own entry (click here for more details). Please make sure to add all authors as they appear in the original article. At this step, please also enter the "Author Contribution Statement".
  12. Click “Next”.

  13. In the field “Article Title”, enter the Article Title of the related article, i.e. the article your Correction should be linked to. (Please note that it is not necessary to select the Domain, Field, Specialty, Journal, Article Type, and the handling editor. The Editorial Office will assign the editor of your original article once the submission is complete.)

  14. Click on “Search Article”, the original article will be listed below. Please select the related article.
  15. Click on “Next”.
  16. Enter the title of your Correction in the filed “Article Title”. (Make sure the title is “Corrigendum: Title of original article as published”.)
  17. Enter the body text of your Correction article in the field "Body Text".
  18. In the keywords section, enter meaningful keywords for your manuscript. (It is advisable to use the same keywords as in the original article.)
  19. Please read Frontiers’ Conflict of Interest policy and select the appropriate response.
  20. Please select the appropriate response for the ethics statements. In case you select “Yes”, please provide the complete ethics statement for your manuscript.
  21. You may add additional references as needed.
  22. Click “Next”.
  23. Enter your Cover Letter to the Editor. The Cover Letter should clearly state the reason for the Correction.
  24. You may suggest/exclude reviewers by filling in the appropriate information.
  25. Click "Next".
  26. Upload your files: Manuscript, Figures and Supplementary Material (click here for more details).

  27. Click “Next”.
  28. Please review the information on this page to verify that it is correct.
  29. You must agree to the “Conditions for Authors” to continue, check the box if you agree.
  30. Click on "Submit" to finalize the process.