How can I add/submit a Corrigendum?

  1. Please check the Author Formatting Guidelines to find the template for a Corrigendum manuscript.
  2. Login to our website (how to login).
  3. Once logged in, click on Submit at the top of the page.
  4. Select “Start New”.
  5. You can find general information regarding the manuscript submission form on this page. The following points will concern specific entries for corrections.
  6. My Submission Details
    1. Journal: select the same journal and section as the original article
    2. Article type: Select Correction
    3. Research Topic: leave empty
    4. Files: upload any file required (see here for more information about uploading files)
  7. Manuscript information
    1. Article title: it should be "Corrigendum: <<insert original article title>>"
    2. Keywords: use the same keywords as the original article
    3. Body Text: put the body text of the manuscript file, prepared as per the instructions in the Author Formatting Guidelines
  8. Related Frontiers Article: search (either by title or author name) the original article and select it.$
  9. Authors: enter the same author list as in the original article (see here for more information about entering author information). The Author contribution statement is likewise the same as in the original article
  10. Editorial Information: clearly state the reason for the Correction
  11. Statements: Enter the relevant to your situation
  12. Once the form is complete, the 'Submit' button at the bottom will be unlocked and you will be able to submit your correction.