How do I submit my proof corrections?

Enter the Production Forum ("How can I access the Production Forum?"), and download the proof in the top right corner.



Annotate all the corrections on the proof using the Adobe Reader commenting and annotation tools (Adobe Help) as highlighted in below example. Do not edit the PDF directly, as we cannot identify changes that you have made and this can lead to the introduction of errors.



Alternatively, you can list the corrections (with query numbers/line references) as a comment in the Proof Discussion, or clearly list them in a file. Even if you have no corrections, it is mandatory to answer the Author Queries at the beginning of the proof.

Next, upload your correction file in the Production Forum. Inside the Production Forum, go to the "Upload Files" page and complete the file information.



At this stage, you should also submit any additional files e.g. updated figures and supplementary materials. Supplementary Material is not typeset, so you should provide it in ready-to-publish condition (e.g. no line numbers, tracked changes, etc.).

Finally, click on "Upload" to upload the file(s). Once done, click "Submit" and then choose whether you would like to "Approve" the proof or "Request" a new one.



Please note that by approving the Author’s Proof, you agree to Frontiers publishing your article once all your corrections have been incorporated. By requesting another author’s proof, the production process will be prolonged significantly. You should only request to see another proof if you have made major changes to formulas, figures or tables.

If you are having any difficulties, please ensure you are using a compatible browser. If you have any further difficulties please contact the relevant journal’s Production Office.