When will my accepted article be published?



It takes roughly 1-2 weeks from the acceptance of your article for your Author’s Proof to be created by our typesetting team. Once you have approved the Author’s Proof, it takes a further 1-2 weeks for us to implement any corrections, finalize the production process, and publish your article.

After your article is published, it can take several weeks or months for your article to be indexed in journal-specific repositories, which can include PubMed, PMC and Web of Science. Please check the “About” section of your journal’s webpage for the specific repositories used by the journal, as not all journals are indexed in all repositories. After this time, if you still cannot find your article, please contact the relevant journal’s production office.

Please be advised, however, that these are only approximate timeframes, and the time needed to produce your article may vary. If your article requires copyediting, if numerous corrections are required, or if you request a new Author’s Proof, your article may take longer to produce.